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Insightful, Wonderful, Gentle

Melissa White came into my life when I needed her most. My life was in a state of chaos and met her during a spiritual journey in Sedona as I was scheduled to consult with her during my last session to assess my journey. I found Melissa to be very insightful, a wonderful listener and was gentle with me as I shared my life story. Since I felt so enlightened by her wisdom and also was fascinated with the concept of radical forgiveness, I retained Melissa as my life coach.

During our two months of weekly phone sessions, Melissa was there with me every step of the way, not only as my life coach, but guided me through several Radical Forgiveness sessions. I am eternally grateful that Melissa came into my life and was so instrumental in my progress as I gained control and perspective of my life. I have never been happier than I am now and will always hold Melissa within my heart with a smile as she is my angel.

[ Nancy Ferrari ]
   Orange County, CA


A Powerful Tool

Radical Forgiveness of itself is a powerful tool for transcending our limitations. The language of the process has a magical property that, regardless of where you are spiritually, gently walks you to a greater understanding to love of others and yourself.

Although reading and understanding Radical Forgiveness on an intellectual level is helpful, having a loving, open facilitator like Melissa White advanced my process by a quantum leap. Thank you Melissa. You continue to change my life every day.

[ Ken Stoneburg ]
   KJS Remodeling
   Sedona, AZ


Heart-to-heart Connection

I just completed a Clinic series of Radical Forgiveness evenings with Melissa.  I had already been touched by the Ceremony and found the worksheet more than helpful, I even wondered what more the Clinic could have to offer!  However these evenings surpassed anything I could have anticipated.  Every time the Radical Forgiveness approach worked its incredible magic, way beyond what I took with me.   Each time I could take as big or as small a step as I wanted, but however small the step I left feeling like another burden had released, and a new jewel discovered.  I also appreciated how this came about so naturally, without “hard work at home” to prepare or even to digest, for the integration happened by itself, there was nothing I could “do” about it.  Moreover, each meeting was a treasure in itself for the nourishing deep-with-no-effort heart-to-heart connection that grew between us, an added extra to the individual benefit each person walked away with.

I am grateful to you, Melissa, for the way you facilitate, non-invasive, non-pressuring, simply there for each person, fully attuned to their process, but not in any sense putting your “self” into the picture.  This created an accepting, inviting space for each person to have their own true experience, as deep as they were ready for, and walk away with their own blessing, with no sense of there being a helper and a helped, but simply of individuals growing and moving into a new space of radical ease, expansion and hopefully in time unconditional love.

[ Judi Whitewater ]
   Sedona, AZ


Moving Forward

I highly recommend Melissa as a RF Coach.  Working with her helped me get through a situation that was stopping me from moving forward.  She is very clear and supportive.  She provides a safe space for healing.  I found her easy to open up with and talk to.

[ Summer Davenport ]


A Good Coach

A coach should be hired to help you identify your strengths, weaknesses and then work to improve both. In addition, a coach can be a great neutral party that can be a sounding board.

I have found that Melissa's coaching has given me a outlet for expressing my feelings and thoughts about what is happening in my personal life.  She has also helped me with staff issues by providing ideas/suggestions and then talking/walking me through them.  Melissa has provided several good reading suggestions on the power of thought and has showed me how to be comfortable with my feelings without letting them take over my life. 

[ Randy Smith ]
   West Grove, PA


When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

I was all at sea. I was wandering. Everything kind of hurt. And then, early one morning, for whatever reason, I went to a yoga class in my neighborhood and I sat on my purple mat and I closed my eyes and for the next hour a woman named Melissa helped bring me into the moment. The teacher appeared.

I went back just about every week after that for months and, during that time, Melissa taught me about the power in just breathing and the wisdom to be found in simply sitting. Yes, I was learning different yoga poses, finding my limits and pushing myself but, along the way, I was also accepting where I was at a particular moment, dropping the judgment, letting it go. According to Melissa, there was nothing I could not do on the mat. I just had to do things my way, with my modifications.

My body became stronger. My mind became stronger. The chaos swirled around me and I was still. Melissa was the gateway for all of it. She helped me realize the calmness, the healing, the answers I sought were always inside of me, if only I could get quiet enough to hear it.

I am always grateful Melissa was there that morning. With another instructor, I might have given up the practice without giving it a chance. Thanks to her, I still find peace and comfort on the mat and I, sometimes, still hear her voice - always giving me options and reminding me to let it go.

[ Shauna Johnson ]
   Huntington, WV


Yoga with Balance

I have had the pleasure of taking Melissa's yoga class for well over a year and her class is like a mini retreat for me every time! I feel thoroughly rejuvenated, relaxed, and energized after quieting my mind during yoga practice and "leaving

Melissa's classes have great flow and variety incorporating strength, flexibility, twisting, and balancing poses. She creates an environment that helps bring an awareness to self during practice. Melissa lives her life according to the yoga principles and is truly an inspiration!


[ Laura Jennings ]
   Charleston, WV


Inspired a healthy habit

I started Yoga, because at 49, I had high cholesterol and my doctor told me to change my diet and exercise. So I stopped in the Folded Leaf to give yoga a try. Once I had a class with you I really understood what yoga was supposed to do. Your class gave me the space and time to figure out my practice. Your instruction, voice and music where always in sync and the class had a wonderful, calming flow. I’m still going 3 days a week. Thanks for inspiring me!

[ Andrea Darr ]
   Charleston, WV



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