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Life Coaching

A Life Coach assists you in creating the life you desire. Whether you are standing at a crossroads or just need help with day-to-day changes and decision-making, your Life Coach is your confidant and ally as you make transitions in career, relationships, or other life circumstances; face health challenges; discover your life purpose; and generally seek to live a more happy, fulfilling and authentic life.


Radical Forgiveness

Developed by author and spiritual teacher, Colin Tipping, as a way to help people resolve apparent problems in their lives and live more consciously, Radical Forgiveness helps you look at the underlying assumptions and spiritual principles operating in the situation so your perception of the situation, and your story about it, can shift and become meaningful in a wholly different way. When that happens, problems melt away, behavior patterns change, relationships improve and life seems to become better immediately.  Radical Forgiveness coaching, workshops, ceremonies, clinics and classes empower you to choose how you live your life.  For more information on Radical Forgiveness, visit www.radicalforgiveness.com.


Emotional Clearing

This session uses combinations of meditation, guided imagery, hands-on-healing and intuitive counseling, as needed, to assist you in releasing emotional blockages that are keeping you from moving forward. 


Yoga and Meditation

Yoga provides its students with a path through which to merge the physical, mental and spiritual in a way that meets their own unique objectives. It stills the mind and brings us back to the present moment.  It gives us the opportunity to surrender how we feel we should be (in a particular pose or in life in general) and accept where we are in this moment. Long recognized as a method to aid in relaxation, strength, flexibility and overall good health, yoga was originally designed as a preparation for meditation. Whether used together or separately, yoga and meditation provide a bridge between the outer world and inner worlds, enhancing the experience of peace, clarity and balance.


Motivational Speeches, Classes and Workshops

Whether you desire inspiration, rejuvenation or empowerment, a workshop provides an avenue to meet your goals within the like-minded energy of a group dynamic. For more information on upcoming workshops or to schedule a workshop, class or speech for your organization or group, please contact us.



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