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The chaos swirled around me and I was still. Melissa was the gateway for all of it. She helped me realize the calmness, the healing, the answers I sought were always inside of me, if only I could get quiet enough to hear it.

— Shauna Johnson

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A Life Worth Living

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” – Henry David Thoreau

Are you living the life you imagined? Would you like to live your life with more purpose and authenticity? Are you standing at a crossroads? Do you desire a more balanced life?

Life often presents us with challenges that seem too daunting to face alone. Other times, we just feel that we need support and assistance in staying on track with our goals, in making life decisions or in finding balance.

Whatever your particular goals, My Life Opportunities provides one-on-one coaching, classes, and workshops designed to empower you to move forward with confidence in your life, to live your life more authentically, to let go of your past, to turn life’s stumbling blocks into opportunities, and to find happiness within.

Restoring Your Beautiful Life

PayPalThis book is about transforming our limited ideas and circumstances into the authentic, beautiful lives we were meant to live. Melissa shares her story of how she redefined success from the inside out by learning how to access, listen to, and trust her inner wisdom. Join her and seven other women as they share their personal stories of courage, hope, healing and love.

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