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About Melissa

Melissa J. White is a writer, speaker, teacher and life coach who empowers people nationwide to live more authentic lives. Co-author of Restoring Your Beautiful Life, she is passionate about living her truth and assisting others in accessing their inner wisdom.

She inspires individuals and groups to move forward in their lives, provides support for day-to-day issues and decision-making, assists with life transitions, and facilitates the creation of happiness from the inside out. Where there are blocks to living life to its fullest, she uses Radical Forgiveness and other emotional clearing techniques to help clients let go of their pasts and create new futures. To cultivate inner peace and balance, Melissa teaches yoga and meditation.

Melissa earned her undergraduate degree in counseling from Marshall University, her graduate degree in higher education from Ball State University, and her law degree from The American University, Washington College of Law. She is a certified Radical Forgiveness Coach and Workshop Facilitator and a Registered Yoga Teacher.

In her own life, she has experienced transitions in career, relationships and domicile and has overcome health challenges. She knows what it is like to face fears, overcome obstacles, and create new opportunities as you move forward.

Melissa will guide you in finding the answers you seek within yourself and assist you in reaching your full potential. Together, you can create a more authentic and fulfilling life.

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